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The last occurrence of Proboscia curvirostris in the North Atlantic marine isotope stage 9-8

Triennial skeletal stable oxygen isotope ratios of Diploria labyrinthiformis

Stable oxygen isotope ratios of benthic and planktonic foraminifera from early Miocene sediments of DSDP Site 90-593 on the Challenger Plateau, Pacific Ocean (Table 1)

Sea-surface reconstruction of the east-equatorial South Atlantic

Strontium chemistry of anhydrite from DSDP/ODP Hole 504B

Sampling intervals, fluxes, percentages of total flux, organic carbon and lithogen for sediment trap CB9

Age determination of sediment cores of the Golf of Lions

Neogene planktonic foraminifera from the southern Kerguelen Plateau

Oxygen and carbon isotopic composition in Eocene and Oligocene planktonic and benthic foraminifera from DSDP sediments

Geochemistry of sediments beneath the Tonga-Kermadec arc