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Alkenone unsaturation index UK37 in surface sediments

Stable isotope record and benthic foraminifera of sediment core MD01-2378

Nitrogen isotope ratios of Cretaceous Atlantic sedimentary sequences

Epibiosis between the sand crab Emerita analoga and the mussel Semimytilus algosus

Stable oxygen isotope record from Globigerina bulloides and sea surface temperature of sediment core BOFS31/1K (Table 1)

Age model and susceptibility of sediment core PS2212-3

Stable carbon isotope ratios of n-alkane in ODP Hole 175-1083A in the South Atlantic Ocean (Table 1)

Element concentrations of amphiboles in ODP Hole 147-894G (Table 1)

Boron isotopic ratios and concentrations of pore fluids and carbonates from ODP Site 138-851 (Table 1)

Geochemistry of sediments from the Eastern Cape Basin