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Geochemical analysis of sediments and interstitial water in sediment cores from the North-West African continental margin and from the Central Pacific

Composition of bioclastic sands, carbonates and pyroclastic rocks of the Great Meteor and Josephine Seamounts, eastern North Atlantic

Heavy mineral alanysis of surface sediments from the west-Pakistan and the adjacent continental shelf

Stable isotope ratios of foraminifera from DSDP Hole 90-588A (Table 2)

Silicate content in sediment ofthe Santa Monica Basin, California

Age determination of sediment cores from the Weddell Sea

Stable isotope record of foraminifera from DSDP Hole 81-552A

Lithology and palynology of profiles from three low mountain ranges in northern Germany

The alkali element and boron geochemistry of ODP Site 169-1038 in the Escanaba Trough, East Pacific

Magnetic properties of light and dark sediment layers from the Japan Sea