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Marine and terrigenous lipids in ODP Leg 175 holes

Radium 228 and Radium 226 in surface water of the Kara Sea and Laptev Sea

Distribution of euphausiids (Crustacea) at the Great Meteor seamount, Atlantic Ocean

Mineralogy and interstitial-water chemistry of ODP Leg 101 sites

Micropaleontology and stable isotope record of ODP Hole 178-1098C

Lithogenic and biogenic daily and annual particle fluxes on the Lomonosov Ridge of trap LOMO-2

Paleotemperature reconstructions from high Late Jurassic paleolatitudes

Temperature observation of CORK installation during ODP Leg 168

Sedimentology, planktonic foraminifera distribution and stable isotope composition during marine isotope stage 3 of ODP Site 172-1060 in the West Atlantic

Chemistry of altered basaltic glass shards and zeolites of volcaniclastic sediments from ODP Hole 157-953C