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Sedimentology and planktonioc foraminifera of sediment core SU90-08

Magnetic and gravity measurements on North-South profiles across the Grosse Meteor Bank, North Atlantic

Helium isotope concentrations and ratios in sediments from ODP Hole 130-806B

Composition of Quaternary and Neogene-Quaternary sedimentary rocks from the Black Sea

Geochemistry of surface sediments from the German Bight

Geochemistry and position of turbidites in the Cap Timiris Canyon off Mauritania

Pollen analysis of sediment profile WO1 from Wollingster See

Occurence of marine palynomorphs of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1)

Paleointensity of various DSDP sites (Table 3)

Physical properties of sediment cores of the Bengal Fan