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Calcium carbonate stratigraphy of ODP Site 177-1090

Sediment echosounding data files from the Amundsen Sea

Index properties of sediments from ODP Hole 101-630B (Table 2)

Distribution of siphonophores in the upwelling area off NW Africa

(Table 1) Mineralogy of basal sediments from DSDP Hole 25-245

Atmospheric electric measurements during the Atlantic Expedition 1965 of RV Meteor (Table 2)

Absorption coefficients of particulate matter and chlorophyll a concentrations at time series station OLIPAC

Air-earth current density investigated during Atlantic Expedition 1973 of RV Meteor (Table 1)

Institute of Biophysics, Imaging and Optical Science (IBIOS)

Measurement of metabolism in free ranging juvenile fishes using electron transport system enzyme assays