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26 February - 02 March 2012 - Marine Natural Products

Eurobarometer 35.1: Public Transportation and Biotechnology, March-April 1991

Eurobarometer 46.1: Modern Biotechnology, Privacy on Computer Networks, and the Common European Currency, October-November 1996

Euro-barometer 39.1: Energy Policies, Biotechnology, and Genetic Engineering, May-June 1993

Eurobarometer 64.3: Foreign Languages, Biotechnology, Organized Crime, and Health Items, November-December 2005

Eurobarometer 58.0: Services of General Interest, New Technologies, ICT, Health, Environment, and Public Safety, September-October 2002

Eurobarometer 55.2: Science and Technology, Agriculture, the Euro, and Internet Access, May-June 2001

United States Biotechnology Study, 1997-1998

Eurobarometer 52.1: Modern Biotechnology, Quality of Life, and Consumers' Access to Justice, November-December 1999

International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology