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09 November 2011 - Human and Primate Evolution

07-08 January 2012 - Origin of Life

08-13 January 2012 - Origin of Life

21-22 July 2012 - Metabolic Basis of Ecology

Quantitative study of evolution in the Sphaeroidinella lineage in mid-Pleistocene sediment of ODP Hole 154-926A (Appendix A)

Origin and evolution of Cycladophora davisiana (Radiolaria) in DSDP Hole 19-192, Northwest Pacific

Late Cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal assemblages from the Exmouth Plateau, ODP Sites 122-762 and 122-763, eastern Indian Ocean

Latitudinal variation in the planktic foraminifer Contusotruncana contusa in the terminal Cretaceous ocean

Age estimations of calcareous nannofossil biohorizons of the middle Paleocene to early Eocene at ODP Site 208-1262 (Table 1, Appendix B)