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15-20 January 2012 - Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites

Stable carbon and oxygen isotope record of Marine Isotope Stage 11 in the South Atlantic

Calcareous dinoflagellates in Maastrichtian to early Miocene sediments of DSDP Hole 39-357

Distribution of calcareous nannofossils in the Miocene interval of DSDP Hole 94-608 in the north Atlantic (Fig. 1)

Paleotemperature and productivity reconstruction of sediment core D11957P on the Iberian Margin

Benthic foraminiferal fauna of sediment core CD17-30 in the Arabian Sea

Stable oxygen isotope ratios of benthic and planktonic foraminifera from early Miocene sediments of DSDP Site 90-593 on the Challenger Plateau, Pacific Ocean (Table 1)

Paleocene radiolarian distribution and biostratigraphy from offshore eastern New Zealand

Granulometry of surface sediments from the Panama Basin (Table 2, 3)