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Distribution of molluscs on the Atlantic continental shelf off Southern Spanish Sahara, West Africa

Paleotemperature reconstructions from high Late Jurassic paleolatitudes

Analytical results of 19 amino acid analyses from Unit 3.1 of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1)

Investigation of sediment core PS2556 from Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica

Distribution of benthic abyssal gastropods in the Iberian Deep-Sea Basin (Table 2)

234Th and particulate fluxes in the Kara Sea in October 1993

Aragonite distribution and preservation of sediment cores from the Brazilian Continental Slope

Geological map of HANSSONHORNA, Heimefrontfjella, Antarctica (Scale 1:25,000)

Abundance of thecosomatous pteropods in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf (Table 2)